Facebook Terminates Conversion Tracking Tool

Holy crap. Facebook doesn’t offer conversion tracking for its advertisers. Sure, they offer tracking for new likes, page views and in-app downloads, but I want to know just how many of my followers are actually buying our print products.

For instance, Google Adwords allows you to paste a small script into the footer of your website, so you can identify which ads work and which ones don’t (in a nutshell). This is called conversion tracking.

Back in 2010, Facebook apparently offered conversion tracking for designated advertisers but then later retired the service. Most likely, advertisers were seeing LOW conversion rates and that’s bad news for any future IPO right?

My next move was to search for a 3rd party app that does it. I could not find one, but some are recommending to use URL building with Google. We found a few solutions using Quora, but nothing super simple.

Without a tool, advertisers must calculate their own ROI. Though some hoped Facebook would extend the conversion tracking tool to all advertisers, instead Facebook asserts it will “continue to invest in tools that help marketers better understand the effectiveness of ads that are social and include social context from friends.”

My business partner and I are building something to help us measure Facebook conversions and hopefully turn it into a free web-based application for all small businesses to use. The big guys already have ways to measure ROI, but us little guys need some help!

Read some opinions about Facebook not allowing conversion tracking at InsideFacebook.com.

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