Zazzle vs. Cafepress

A while back we pitted Zazzle ( against Cafepress ( via info graphic from The chart only compared the two online printing company’s Twitter activity; nevertheless it demonstrated that both were clearly aggressive with social media. We rated the battle a tie.

This time we decided to dig a little deeper to see what we’d find as far as pricing, offerings and other tidbits. Please take these numbers and charts with a grain of salt. This article is written mostly for fun. We hope you enjoy our “Battle of the Print Beasts” in Zazzle vs. Cafepress. I’ve actually seen many other places citing Zazzle vs. Cafepress, but none with actual comparisons and numbers…so LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!

Comparing Prices

Value shirt printing. Basically, we looked for the cheapest way to print full color on a single white and black t-shirt. Also we looked at quantities of 50 and 100.

White Black
Zazzle 1 = $14.95 each, 50 = 12.71,
100 = 11.96, 500 = 9.72
1 = $23.95 each, 50 = 20.36,
100 = 19.16, 500 = 15.57
Cafepress 1 = $21.00 each, 50 = 12.74,
100 = 11.99, 500 = 11.99
1 = $24.00 each, 50 = 16.74,
100 = 15.19, 500 = 15.19

With Zazzle, you could select screen printing and go with less colors to save a couple dollars per shirt. For black colored shirts with full color printing, Cafepress was cheaper at quantities 50 and over. Otherwise (and VERY surprisingly to me) Zazzle was cheaper. It would be a fair evaluation that neither company is trying to become a source for cheap shirt printing, but they do at least seem sensitive to price.

Zazzle: 4pts, Cafepress: 1pt


Available Brands

Both companies offered tons of customized apparel using numerous brand names for optional graphics. Here are some of the major title each company boasts.

Zazzle – Harry Potter, DC Comics and Marvel, Pixar, Barbie, Disney, Hanna Barbera, Garfield, Star Wars

Cafepress – Twilight, Seinfeld, Snoopy, Garfield, Heavy Metal, Lost, The Vampire Diaries

It really depends on what brands you like, but I have to give Zazzle the win on this since they have more titles and boast larger names.

Zazzle: 3pts, Cafepress: 2pts


Social Media Followers

Followers on social media can indicate broader brand awareness while also demonstrating how well companies communicate with customers. Unlike round one where we only compared Twitter, this time we compared a variety of networks by simply counting followers. Sure, there’s more to social networking than “friends” but it’s still acts as something measurable.

Facebook Twitter Google + YouTube
CafePress 77,785 18,663 105 390
Zazzle 50,981 40,896 204 548

At the time of this posting, neither company was participating in Instagram or Pinterest (what a drag). I was surprised how many more followers on Facebook Cafepress had than Zazzle, but Zazzle pulled it through with more followers on Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. Cafepress does receive extra credit for owning one social platform so dominating.

Zazzle: 3pts, Cafepress: 2pts


Product Variety

When I first wrote this article, I told myself I wasn’t going to bother counting each company’s variety, but it seems a natural as a deciding factor for a winner. It would require way too much time breaking down every bit of each company’s product lines and get an accurate count of each.

Five points for both companies.

Conclusion – Zazzle Wins This Round

Yeah, Zazzle won this round by 5 points, but I wouldn’t give them a knockout. We have no choice but to explore round three which will consist of us actually ordering three comparable products from each company. We’ll measure website friendliness, transit time and overall product quality. In the end, round three should decide the overall winner. Stay tuned.

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